Your Floorplan Matters: Home Layout Ideas to Help Inspire You

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Your Floorplan Matters: Home Layout Ideas to Help Inspire You

Lockdown means our homes have become more than just a place where we spend quality time with our families and friends. Our homes have become our office, classroom, as well as a make-shift gym. Staying put can be draining over time, but tweaking your furniture layout in each room can make a huge difference to your living space.

Here are some tips to inspire you.

The Minimalist’s touch
The living room is not just a space we welcome our guests into our homes but it is also where first impressions count. Give your living room a minimalist’s touch by incorporating fewer fixtures and furniture pieces. This will help create a clutter-free space; welcoming more natural light and giving your living room a boost of energy.

cornflower living hall

Don’t you feel energised to start your day looking at this living room in single storey link home, Cornflower?

Taking advantage of vertical space
We often overlook how much vertical space we have in our floorplans. Having floor-to-ceiling storage that are narrow and slim help create more space for you, be it your bedroom or even your kitchen.

The dry kitchen in double storey semi-d, Ixora2 takes full advantage of the vertical space with these built-in cabinets and a central low hanging light.

Have a look at this children’s bedroom in single storey link home, Cornflower where a bunk bed was introduced to maximise the vertical space in this home.

Creating the ideal home office / study space
With most of us spending our #HomeLife remote working or learning from home, it is Ideal to have a space that’s not only comfortable to work or learn from but also a space that inspires and energises us throughout the day;
  • Choose a space that invites plenty of natural light – this creates a well-lit, comfortable and attractive space that helps you and your little one to concentrate better.
  • Use bright colours – colours play an important role in changing the energy in a room. They don’t only reflect light but helps you and your little ones to be more productive and inspired.
  • Bring in greenery – nothing feels more relaxing and peaceful than working in a green space. Simply bring in some greenery to liven up your space; that little cactus plant on your table will surely add some life to your workspace.

In double storey link home, Olive, the master bedroom and children’s room have been designed to welcome plenty of natural light through the large windows in place. Together with bright and calm colour scheme, you just can’t help but feel a bit more inspired by it.

Bringing a piece of the outdoors into your home

How do you feel looking at this photo of the lake garden in Grand Retreats? Does it give you that calm and rejuvenating energy that we feel?

Creating a green space can do wonders for your #HomeLife. Not only does it help improve your mental health but bringing a piece of the outdoors in, it also helps add a green and refreshing vibe to the space.

Introducing a green wall like this in double storey link home, Oak’s courtyard gives your home a green and peaceful space. The perfect space to start on that book you’ve been wanting to read over the weekend or to just sit and unwind with your cup of chamomile.

We hope these flexible spaces will give your #HomeLife experience the boost of inspiration that you’ve been looking for.

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