Which space has become your favourite at home?

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Ixora bedroom

Which space has become your favourite at home?

We all have a favourite space at home, it could be the kitchen, bedroom, or even the bathroom. Now that we’ve been spending more time at home than usual, these places have become more than just a space to cook, sleep or a warm shower. Which space has become your favourite at home?

Living Room
wish you were homeSemi detached LIVE IPOH ixora
A place that’s used to entertain friends, relax with the family, leisure reading, or a few episodes of your favourite drama. If you’re a couch potato, then the living room is most likely your favourite place at home.

Dining Area
Semi detached DINING ixorawish you were home- diningA place that the family gathers around and share their passion for food. A cozy dining area doesn’t have to be big.

Oak courtyardHave a courtyard at home? A place to enjoy a taste of the great outdoors is definitely the best spot at home.

Home Office
TMM study roomOlive study and bedroomGiven how most of us are work from home in the ‘New Normal’, there is no better place than a conductive working space that gives you a quick refresh and keeps your mind calm.

Under the stairs
Aspen reading nook
Love reading books? Turn the space under your stairs into a cosy reading nook and top it off with your favourite books.

aspen kitchenOak kitchenIt might not the first place that comes to mind, but the kitchen is more than just a cooking space. The kitchen could be a spot where most conversations happen.

Ixora bedroom
We spend one-third of our lives sleeping — so the bedroom wins. What do you think?

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