The Great Indoors- Bring the Outside In

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The Great Indoors- Bring the Outside In

As we retreat indoors more people are discovering the joy of bringing the great outdoors inside. Here are a few show homes in Bandar Baru Sri Klebang that might just inspire you to bring nature into your homes in style.

Bring in plant-life

Adding plants is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your space. By styling your home with a few green elements, you will almost immediately add a fresher vibe to the space. Put these green accents everywhere you can, this includes the foyer and kitchen. Semi detached IPOH ixora

Vertical Greenery

Having greenery indoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your precious floor space. In our show home Olive, we’ve decorated the wall by the staircase with a green wall making it a nice focal point in the living and dining room. Unique wood textures and patterns remind us of the trees and great outdoors; incorporating wood textures next to a green feature wall can help create a calm corner to make you feel connected to nature.

Create a calming colour scheme

The colors on a wall or furniture can add certain vibes to your home. In our semi-detached home, Ixora, we invite the outdoors in with soothing grassy hues and various shades of tan and brown. Just take a look out your window, look at the view and use colours bring it indoor. How you would want a room to feel is in the palm of your hands. Semi detached LIVE IPOH ixora Semi detached family hall ixora

Motifs of nature

Bring vibes of spring into your home with motifs of nature elements, paired with vibrant colours. Framed paintings of tropical plants are really popular, you could also put up a bold leaf print wallpaper that comes with bright colours.

Literally bringing the outside into your home

How awesome would it be if you had a courtyard inside your home? Our double storey link home, Oak offers a sense of tranquility with a courtyard, perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors but lack the time to upkeep. This inner sanctuary can help put you in a state of Zen after a long day; inviting nature to come to you. Need more inspiration? Visit our show homes virtually here or contact our sales team to book your show home tour.