The Debate on Sub-sale or New House

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The Debate on Sub-sale or New House

“Should I buy a sub-sale or a brand new house?” Buying a house may just be one of the most important decisions in your life. Here is a comparison that could help you decide on which would be best suited for you.

1. Price & Discount

New Houses Price of new houses are typically higher than those of sub-sale houses as they are new and would likely have minimal defects. There will often be discounts or rebates for brand new properties such as stamp duty exemptions, early-bird discounts, minimal down-payment etc. to pique the interest of potential home buyers Sub-sale Sub-sale houses are usually sold at lower prices compared to new houses as they are aged and may have defects. The price is as it is without any discounts or if you are lucky, you may be able to bargain with the seller to sell it to you at a lower price. Kinta Properties: Kinta properties is now offering special rebates up to RM65k. Call our sales team to find out more at 012-500 8018.

2. Warranty

New Houses Under the HDA of Malaysia, the defect liability period is 24 months (individual title) or 36 months (strata title) starting from the date you collect your keys (vacant possession), where developers are to fix any issues related to the houses built. Sub-sale If you move in after a few months and find defects; you will need to repair them at your own cost. In buying a sub-sale house you must inspect the house for any defects otherwise you won’t be able to get the previous owner to repair them. Kinta Properties: Care from Kinta Properties, stylised as K4U, we offer a 16 months top up on top of the standard 24 months house warranty, 40 months in total. Learn more here.

3. Moving in

New Houses When you are buying a house that is still under construction, you will have to wait for at least two years until it is completed. There are cases of new launches not meeting the deadlines or developers abandoning the project. This is why it is important to choose a reputable developer. Sub-sale As you are buying an existing property, you shouldn’t have any problems moving into your new house after all of the legal paper works are done (usually 2-3 months). Kinta Properties For more than 18 years Kinta Properties has transformed Bandar Baru Sri Klebang into a vibrant neighbourhood, with more than 2,300 homes in an ever-growing and diverse community. Under K4U campaign we offer Free Broadband for 24 months (*subject to availability) and LAP & TNB readily set up for your easy move in. From completed houses to new houses that are under construction, find your new home with us today here.

4. House choices & conditions

New Houses As you are the first owner of the house, everything from the foundation right up to the fittings are going to be in their best condition. You have the flexibility of choosing the type of house, the floor plan, the direction that the house is facing, etc.  Sub-sale What you see is what you get, you should be able to get a real feel when you’re at the house. However there are limits what you can do to the property, sometimes it may look a bit old and require renovation.  Kinta Properties Explore our collection of spacious and flexible family home designs in safe open spaces that have everything close to hand. Link homes, semi detached, cluster homes, bungalow, and townhouses, take a look at the different types of homes we have to offer and be one step closer to discovering your dream home! Click here for a virtual tour of show home or call us at 012 5008018.