Modern Warranty Programme for New Homes 

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Modern Warranty Programme for New Homes 

You get more protection buying from Kinta Properties

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One of the benefits of buying a new house –  compared to buying a sub-sale house–  is that it is protected by a house warranty under Housing Development Act Malaysia (HDA).

Known as the ‘Defect Liability Period’ (DLP), Kinta Properties has extended its new home warranty programme for even more peace of mind. Find out more below.

What Is The Defect Liability Period?

The Defect Liability Period is the warranty period that begins from the date you receive the keys to your house and delivery of vacant possession*  – 24 months for individual titles* or 36 months for strata titles*.

During this time, the developer is responsible to repair faulty workmanship discovered at or irregularities from sales and purchase agreement which you signed.

What should I look out for?

Renovation work during the Defect Liability Perio

If you are planning to carry out extensive renovations to your new home,  you are advised to do a thorough check as soon as possible and make any defect warranty claims before carrying out renovations during the defect liability period.

This is because your renovations may void the defect liability period, under the terms of the sale and purchase agreement. And also a practical reason is that it’s easier to fix an empty house.

Reselling your house during Defect Liability Period

If you are planning to sell your home during the defect liability period, it is important that you transfer the original buyer’s right to make claims to the new owner so that the latter can report defects and have it fixed by the developer.

Kinta Properties Care Programme
Stylised as K4U, we offer an additional 16 months on top of the standard 24 months house warranty. In other words, when you buy a new home direct from Kinta Properties, it comes with a 40 month* defect liability period, or if the home is completed upon purchase a 12 month* defect liability period will be given. (*refer to the S&P agreement for more information)

We always aim to build your home to highest standard of design and quality, and have successfully delivered nearly 3000 homes. Any defects will be repaired and made good within 30 days upon receiving official written notice from the purchaser.

We understand that there is a lot to take in when moving in to a new home. For any queries regarding defects, please contact Faye in customer relations at 0125342282 or Kinta Properties office 05 2921333. We have a dedicated team to assist you through the journey to owning your own home.


*Individual/Strata title — Individual Title is typically issued for landed properties such as terrace, semi-D, and bungalow, just to name a few. It is issued when you are the only owner of the whole piece of land. Strata Titles are generally for properties in a multi-storey building such as condominiums, apartments and gated-and-guarded landed homes and this usually means that the land belongs to the owners of the property (i.e. developers)

*Vacant possession (VP) — An obligation on the developer to make the property available on completion in a state in which the homeowner can physically and legally occupy it. With the delivery of vacant possession, homeowner will also receive a copy of the CCC.