Make your kitchen the Heart of your home

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Aspen kitchen

Make your kitchen the Heart of your home

Nothing lifts the spirit like a good old home-cooked meal to bring back some sweet memories. Here are some inspiring ways we’ve made the kitchen into the heart of the home, we can’t promise it’ll turn you into a MasterChef but you’ll certainly want to try and cook up a banquet when we can all get together again.

Create a vibe

Your kitchen sets the tone for the whole house. The finishing and colours decide the vibe of how you want the space to be evolved.

Choose kitchen cabinets that come with a combination of black and white or a single colour, add in a bit of texture, a countertop with a mix of surface finishes and wall cabinets, you’ll be surprised how the monochrome theme can make the kitchen so appealing.

Not convinced a monochrome themed kitchen is for you? Take a look at the L-shaped layout of the kitchen in Aspen show home, which has white cabinets to give the space a very clean look together with a breakfast bar while lime green hanging white lamps adds a decorative element to the kitchen; the perfect complement that provides balance.

Semi detached KITCHEN ixoraSemi detached KITCHEN ixora

Base units with dark green colours work well when teamed with a black countertop or lighted open cabinets. Keep pendant lights simple so it doesn’t overcomplicate the bold scheme. Dry & wet kitchens in Ixora, Semi D.

Wood Grain Cabinet can be stylish

By choosing wood pattern cabinets with a modern finish and using colours harmoniously can help your kitchen match the aesthetic feeling that gives tune.

This modern concept Oak double storey link home combines the dining room and kitchen together. A kitchen with light colour wood finishing, a touch of pendent lights and a mirror makes the space feel more spacious, warm and welcoming.

Teaming up khaki wood grain patterns with white will always make a kitchen feel inviting. Simple white open cabinets with a wood grain backsplash and a glossy counter space help give the kitchen a light and modern look. Kitchen in Abby

Cornflower kitchen

In the kitchen of our Cornflower unit, golden honey toned wood colours give bright schemes more weight and depth while the black countertop and breakfast bar makes the entire kitchen design feel minimalist and clean.

Simple and chic

Open shelving units and turquoise colour blocks make an interesting scheme. Even just a few special columns can bring a new energy to this white Olive kitchen.

Memorable moments are made here

We say that kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, this space is more than just about cooking, it’s where memorable moments are made to cherish. Let’s make kitchen a place your family would love to visit.

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