Interior Design Trend For 2022

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Interior Design Trend For 2022

The year 2022 marks a new beginning for us all as we move away from the numerous disruptions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and begin to experience a sense of normalcy. With renewed hope, surely there has to be a new look for your home as well.

Browsing through social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, one will be able to see a shift in interior designing trends happening in the past two years. So, what designs are actually trending and what works for your home? Find out by reading on.

1. Multi-Functional Furniture

Less is best. Follow this rule of thumb when decorating small, confined spaces. Likewise, avoid large pieces of furniture as doing so would only make your place seem even smaller than it is.

Your best bet is to choose multi-functional and multi-tiered furniture. Make use of the vertical space available to you by including racks, stairs and platforms not just for decoration purposes but also for storage space. Go ahead, stack ‘em up!

2. Vintage and Sentimental Pieces

Old is gold. Some of us are fortunate enough to inherit decorative pieces collected over the decades by our parents and relatives. Those who are not so lucky have to scour secondhand shops and flea markets to find these treasures. Rather than being junk, these pieces are now considered vintage and sentimental pieces that can add a touch of uniqueness to any home.

Just take a look at the Oak2 showhouse located at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang. This double-storey link house show unit looks simply luxurious with the use of gold hues and the addition of several vintage-looking pieces as decoration.

3. Choose Art to Liven Up Your Space

While we want to avoid cluttered spaces, we don’t want to leave our homes too empty, either, to avoid a gloomy atmosphere. Brighten up your space with art or abstract pieces matching the overall theme and colour of your home.

Our Olive show unit at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang features a mural on the wall of its master bedroom, bringing about more life and energy to the room. Needless to say, choosing art pieces with the right colours also makes a difference.

4. Upgrading To a High-Tech Home

Technology takes centrestage in our lives in present modern times and a house is no exception. Not only does technology, especially smart technology, save us time and money, it also makes our lives simpler and more convenient.

Take our Ixora2 homes for example. All main doors are fitted with smart door locks, which use codes, smart tags and fingerprints, saving our homebuyers the trouble of lugging around a whole bunch of keys.

Need more inspiration to decorate your home according to trends of 2022? Simply visit our show homes at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang today! Call / WhatsApp our Sales Advisors on 012 500 8018 to book an appointment.