Illuminating Lighting Trends 2020

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Illuminating Lighting Trends 2020

Light Up Your Life

Lighting is an essential part of any décor – removing or adding a light can make a huge impact to a room to give it a new look.

  1. Essential Shapes

Inspired by geometry, the circle is a key shape for 2020. Curved lines, rounded, circular or oval shapes, and designs without edges have a casual appeal that easily adapts to any space, no matter if it’s in the living room or in the bedroom. For a mirror, a backlight that uses warm lighting can help add a cozy feel to the bedroom.

Essential Shapes
Cornflower single storey living hall and Oak double storey bedroom
  1. Refined Industrial Lighting

Industrial and retro styles have been fashionable for a while and it’s here to stay in 2020. Adding more elegant metals, more varied tones and alternative designs to keep the look elegant and contemporary.

Refined Industrial Lighting-01
Primrose double storey cluster dining area and Ixora double storey semi-detached dry kitchen
  1. Clear Pendants

Modern clear pendant lighting is all about clean lines, bright materials, and the right scale. The clean silhouettes and exposed Edison bulbs will keep the look sophisticated. Blown glass shades throw a bright, modern light and make the space looks fresh.

Clear Pendants
Taman Meru Mentari and Oak dining area
  1. Shaded Pendants

Pendant lighting shaded with paper or linen for a natural outlook doesn’t look like it will go out of style any time soon. More than just lighting, these designs act as a focal point to create a “wow” factor and attract instant attention.

Single Storey Home Ipoh - 3 beds
Cornflower single storey link home bedroom
  1. Gold

This year’s biggest trend in lighting and decor is the colour gold! Either to give the room a touch of elegance or through a simple combination of colours; a soft gold colour is going to be very fashionable. The luminous reflections of the golden parts can create cozy and warm atmospheres.

Ixora semi-detached bedrooms
  1. LED lightings

The lighting trends for 2020 results not only from design but also of technology. LED lighting with low consumption combined with simple and contemporary lines is not only aesthetic but also functional and practical. You can get LED lamps in multiple colours and varying levels of brightness. Especially for use in the kitchen, LED lights will be the most practical when you’re carefully measuring out ingredients for a new recipe.

LED lighting-01
Ixora semi-detached kitchen

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