Home design ideas 2021

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Home design ideas 2021

Flexible living in harmony with nature

Have you been looking for ideas to give your home a fresh new look for the new year? 2020 has definitely changed our lifestyles as we’ve spent more time indoors.

We’re delighted to share the latest tips from our designers in interior design, colour, and decorating styles that you might be tempted to try.

Flexible floor plan

With a deeper appreciation of the roles our homes play, a flexible floorplan that can create a functional home office or a gym space in our bedrooms is predicted to continue trending in 2021.

In our brand new collection of Semi-D homes, Ixora2, the spacious family hall has been styled as a home office that illustrates the way most of us are working today. This space allows parents to have a private area to work from home, which in turn can also be used as a study space for the kids.

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Plenty of Plants

“With everyone adapting to the ‘new normal’, we can see the trend heading towards a lively direction, more indoor plants are being introduced to bring the outdoors in.” (Vincenns, Goldfields Concepts Interior Design)

Indoor plants add vibrancy and colour to our homes. Having indoor plants helps improve the air quality, bringing the calmness of nature indoors.

Our Olive show home uses a home décor trend based on bringing nature into homes.

Zen Vibes

Adding elements of a Zen-inspired garden to your outdoor space is also a growing trend. From water features to a rock garden, this inner sanctuary can help put you in a state of Zen after a long day; inviting nature to you.

Oak courtyard

Oak offers a sense of tranquillity with an indoor courtyard, perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors but lack the time to upkeep.

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Colour of the year

Earthy Tones

Colours play a significant role in creating positive feelings and elevate a sense of comfort throughout our living spaces. Dulux recently announced that the colour for 2021 is Brave Ground, a warm and engaging earthy tone that creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential.


Moody Hues

In 2021, we will see more people embracing deeper, darker hues. These darker and moodier tones provide depth, visual interest, and a mood lift in the spaces to add more personality into your rooms.


Our latest show home for Oak phase2 is highlighted with grey tones; a moody neutral colour scheme which brings modernity into elegant spaces.

Calming Green

Soft green tones are a key colour trend for the year, with its soothing, soft and relaxing tones reminding us of the outdoors. Taking inspiration from nature; calming colour tones and familiar patterns can help create a sanctuary in any space.

The new show home in Taman Meru Mentari reflects a shift towards this tranquil yet modern design trend with green being the perfect colour to create a tranquil home.

Let the light in

With so many ideas to make our living spaces more comfortable, calm and centred, one of the easiest way to bring in more peaceful vibes into your space is to maximise natural light in your home.

cornflower living

Our single storey show home, Cornflower, maximises the use of natural light through high level windows. This improves the ambiance of the inside space by bringing in a sense of openness and loftiness.

With many of us looking to expand the functions of our homes stepping into 2021, we’re also craving more comfort now more than ever before. Don’t forget, the interior should be a comfortable space that is dear to your lifestyle.

360° Virtual show home tours

We’re now bringing the latest collection of show homes to you through our 360° virtual tours, you don’t even have to move from your sofa for inspiration.

Take a tour of these stunning homes, one room at a time.