Fresh Safe Start in Master Planned Communities

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Fresh Safe Start in Master Planned Communities

Benefits of guarded communities

For most homebuyers, keeping their family and possessions safe is one of the top priorities when searching for a new home. Families are actively seeking out guarded communities for reassurance and peace of mind, here’s why:

1. Safety and Security.

Safety and security would be the main benefit of living in a guarded community. The crime index at guarded communities are minimal as compared to your typical neighbourhood. A fixed entrance and exit, a guardhouse and security bar to control access to the neighbourhood and a 24-hour surveillance system to ensure that shady characters do not go anywhere further than the guardhouse.

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2. Sense of Community.

Another benefit of living in a gated community is the sense of community. Malaysians reminisce the days of a “Rukun Tetangga” where the residents come together and “bergotong-royong bersama, tolong menolong satu sama lain” as one community. When residents come together to participate in community events or to celebrate festivals in the neighbourhood, it helps to bring these communities closer together, strengthening their bond and in turn promoting a sense of belonging.



3. Better Property Value.

One of the many demands in the property market today is to have properties within a gated-and-guarded community. The homes in a guarded community would usually have a better value than homes that aren’t in one, especially when it is built by a trusted developer. If you are considering buying a house for investment, this is definitely an added advantage.



4. Safe Environments for Kid’s Outdoor

An added benefit for families with kids, as outdoor spaces for use in an urban neighborhood is rather scarce these days. With guarded communities having access control and security areas, no open roads, and moving traffic, it is safer for your kids to play outdoors, therefore more young parents choose these types of neighbourhoods.

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At Bandar Baru Sri Klebang (BBSK), we do not merely build houses, we also develop an integrated township that complements the way you live life. Guarded community in BBSK equipped with 3 tier security model of stationed and patrolling guards, perimeter fencing and CCTV surveillance. Living in BBSK means having green spaces, a vibrant and safe lifestyle.