Find Joy in Working from Home

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Find Joy in Working from Home

Working from home is no longer reserved solely for freelancers as home-based offices have become the new norm. We love seeing how you’re all adapting to create a workspace in your spare rooms and living rooms. Here we have some beautiful collections and tips from our latest show homes to help you create a versatile workspace within your home.

1. Create Your Work Space

Working from home is about creating a personalised workspace that will make you feel happy and help enhance your productivity. Set yourself up in a good position, find a space in your home where you’re able to work comfortably, a quiet study room can help you to increases work productivity, and you can focus on your work without any distractions.

Primrose single storey cluster
A quiet study room can help you increase productivity – Taman Meru Mentari, double storey link home


Bedroom + workspace combo ideas, Ixora semi D


Primrose single storey cluster
Aspen double storey link home

2. Bring the Outdoors In

We are not made to sit indoors all day; the sky, trees, wind, and other outdoor elements can give us a calm and refreshing feeling. Views of greenery or skylights that let in more natural lights replicate an outdoor environment that helps you focus more and also helps to power up your creativity. Time to grab your devices, step out into the safety of your courtyard or garden; the green scents and fresh air will surely help change your day.

Even safer, when your outdoors is indoors, our double storey link home, Oak, comprises of an indoor courtyard. The best of both!

Of course, not everyone has a courtyard; you can try other simple ways to bring the outdoors in, like:

  • Adding colours that reflect nature in your room. Use neutral colour tones like greens, whites, blues or yellow which reminds us of grass, water, sky and flowers.
Study room ideas, Olive double storey link home
  • Use decor that have elements which reflects nature. Decorate your work desk with a stone, flowers or seashells. You could also try adding photos or paintings that have these elements if you don’t have real materials in hand.
Adding nature elements on the wallpaper, Olive double storey link home
  • Open your windows and breathe in the fresh air. Turning your air conditioning off occasionally and letting the fresh air and natural light in, can help make us feel calmer and at peace.
All BBSK houses designed large windows for better natural lights and ventilation

3. Take a Break

Research has shown that taking short breaks can increase productivity and creativity levels. Quick breaks like savouring a cold drink (maybe you can try making Dalgona coffee that’s trending on social media), Zoom calls with your family and friends, cuddle with your pets or take a power nap are great ideas to help refresh your thinking and helps you to refocus on your work.

We all have different interests or habits, the points is not what we should do but doing whatever that’s necessary that can help get us in the right mindset.

4. Log Off!

As there is no standard clock in and clock out time available to our workday; it would be best to set a boundary. Working from home doesn’t mean we have to be logged in 24/7 just because we can work anytime.

Keep your colleagues / business partners informed of your schedule and how you get in touch. We all need a work-life balance no matter where we are working.

Start applying this to your life.

Perhaps not all tips can be applied or are useful to you, just pick 2 or 3 that you feel could make your day more productive while still being comfortable and fun.