Chat with us: meet our caring sales team

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Chat with us: meet our caring sales team

Whether you have bought a house before or a first time buyer, buying a house can be both an incredibly exciting and complex process.

Have a chat with our sales advisors to assist and guide you through the process of getting into your dream home, call or Whatsapp 0125008018.


“Rina has been part of our family as a sales advisor for 15 years, not only does she provide excellent customer service – helping families find their dream home – she has also built solid relationships with homeowners in this community through her professionalism.




Aini has been an active sales advisor with us since 2009. Her caring nature and attention to detail has helped met many homebuyers’ desires; she will skilfully guide you in finding your dream home.





Jason carries the values of care, integrity, and excellent service into everything; this is why more than 100 families have been in touch with Jason to help them find their dream home. Through his excellent communication skills, warm and friendly approach, Jason maintains long-lasting relationships with customers.



With more than 50 years of building homes and developing strong communities, we are passionate about educating and supporting you throughout the entire process in buying your home. We know what makes #HomeLife feel good.

Read more on our guide here which you can follow to get a better understanding of the entire process, from saving up to moving into your new home.

Drop by our show homes, speak to us and experience what it’s like in our growing community. Your dream home awaits!