Bright Beginnings: Ways to brighten up your home

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Ixora2 dining hall

Bright Beginnings: Ways to brighten up your home


Having plenty of natural light in your home doesn’t only reduce energy consumption during the day but it also helps boosts our health and mood. Have you been looking for ideas to brighten up your space at home? Here are some tips that may help you do just that.

Adding elements that reflect light

In Oak2, a three-tiered oval chandelier is placed in the living and dining room to help reflect sunlight as well as other light sources – brightening up the room even more. Oak2 dining

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Adding a mirror to a space doesn’t only help make your room look bigger, it does more than that. Placing a large mirror directly across the largest window in your room is also a great way to invite natural light into your living space. The large mirror in semi-d, Ixora2 helps reflect sunlight coming in – making the space between living & dining area brighter while adding a sense of depth. Ixora2 dining hall Furniture with glass or other reflective surfaces has the same effect. The kitchen cabinets in Cornflower have mirrored accents that reflects light back into the kitchen. cornflower KITCHEN

Choose a bright Colour Palette

A bright colour palette helps give an impression of spaciousness, paint the walls or choose furniture with light coloured tones such as white, ivory, cream or beige to make your home feel fresh and bright. White is the best solution to brighten a room. Our double storey link home, Olive use white as the theme colour to make the home feel inviting and have an airy ambiance. Olive_white Find it boring to paint your walls white? Single storey home, Cornflower introduces pops of colour to the furniture and feature wall which instantly brings bright energy to the space. cornflower living hall

Large windows designs

With more than 50 years of building homes and developing strong communities, we understand how important natural light is to our #HomeLife and wellbeing. All our homes are designed with large windows to help usher in natural light and brighten up your home!