8 design ideas for your work and study space

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8 design ideas for your work and study space

Have you been looking for ideas for your home office or a remote learning space for your little ones? Read on to be inspired by some of the designs within our latest show homes.

1. Adding a glass partition

The newly launched Ixora2 comes with a flexible floor plan that is designed to accommodate your #HomeLife needs in the new normal. A glass partition divides the spacious family hallway upstairs, creating a home office that’s contemporary yet noise free without having to hide away from your family in a tight workspace.
ixora2 working space
Ixora2, double storey semi detached home 42.6’x90′

2. Be bold

Be bold with colours while keeping the design clean and minimalistic. Jazz up the space with bright sunshine yellow elements to brighten up your children’s mood to learn. This double workspace in Ixora2 comes with a fresh vibe with its simple design and colour palette.
ixora2 bedroom and study space
Ixora2, double storey semi detached home 42.6’x90′

3. Set the scene

Children’s workspaces have become essential today with online  learning becoming more common. A comfortable, attractive and well-lit area may help your children concentrate better during virtual learning sessions. The bedroom in Olive does that by inviting plenty of natural light and matching pieces of furniture.
Olive, bedroom and study space
Olive, double storey link home 20’x65′

4. Wallpaper to create ambiance

Wallpapers can be used to create an ambiance in a room, decorate the room by combining city art themed wallpapers and blue tones to transform this study area into an inspiring space.
Aspen bedroom and study space
Aspen, double storey link home 22’x75′

5. Use bright colours

A happy and welcoming colour can invigorate your mind while you work. This bedroom in Olive adopts bright pink and blue flora pastel colour which creates a spring-like environment to chase away your working blues.
Olive study and bedroom
Olive, double storey link home 20’x65′

6. Bring in greenery

Nothing feels more relaxing and peaceful than working in a green space. Try building your workspace inside a courtyard, in front of a window with a garden view or simply bring in some greenery to liven up your space. Double storey Oak is designed with an indoor courtyard and all you have to do is just grab your computer and work in this Zen inspired space.
Oak courtyard as working space
Oak, doubles storey link home 20’x70′

7. Colour coordination.

Soft neutrals colours for your desks and walls can help you to focus better, while the teal green velvet sofa can energise and inspire you. This spare room in Taman Meru Mentari is designed as a space that’s both studious and relaxing.
TMM study room
Taman Meru Mentari, double storey link home 20’x70′

8. Clean and Bright

For a bright and breezy workspace, position your desk and chair facing a window to invite plenty of natural light and breeze, incorporate minimalistic textures with bright white elements and you’ll feel like you’re in a room by the sea while focusing on the task at hand.
Primrose study arae and bedromm
Primrose, cluster home 35’x75′
Flexibility is key to the changing needs of our #HomeLife today. To see more designs like these check out our collection of show homes here. Call / WhatsApp 012 5008018 for more information or to schedule an appointment to visit our show homes safely.