6 Design Options for Your Living Room

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6 Design Options for Your Living Room

The living room is usually the gathering space for the entire family as well as for visitors. Creating an amazing looking living room can include anything from a comfortable sofa to the lighting, we have 6 design options for you.

1. Adding a pop of color

Make a difference by adding one or more elements of brighter colors. In our single storey, the yellow cushion stool and TV panel provides a beautiful contrast to the living space.

Cornflower, single storey 20’x70′ living room

2. Minimalistic style

Incorporate fewer fixtures and furniture pieces as possible. Subtle texturing would help bring the living spaces to life.

Oak, double storey 20’x70′ living room

3. Green elements

The use of natural plants gives the living space a vibrant vibe, the decor is pulled together with the help of a gray colour matching floor rug to bring a room to life.

Olive, double storey 20’x65′ living room

4. Gray and white

Go simple yet functional with a lounge in gray. Aspen utilizes shades like gray and white to make a space look warm and cozy.

Aspen, double storey 22’x75′ living room

5. Brighten up your space

Introducing white coloured furniture is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your living room and make it look more spacious.

Taman Meru Mentari, double storey 20’x70 living room

6. Texture and geometry

If you want to create a living space that stands out from the rest then try incorporating geometric texture designs to your decor. Primrose uses wood textures to display a geometric pattern making the living room stand out from the rest of the spaces.