5 Tips to make your living room lovely

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5 Tips to make your living room lovely

When decorating your home, the living room is ideally meant to be warm and inviting. It’s also where we entertain guests and spend a lot of our own time. Here are five tips to make your living room a welcoming and cozy space, with a few ideas from our own show homes in Ipoh:

1. Create a cozy corner.

Choose a spot where you can lay back with a good book, or relax in front of the television. A lengthy sectional sofa is a good way to make a large living room feel more intimate, comfortable and inviting.

2. Infuse some colour.

Colours make the heart sing. Introducing some bold and bright colours into the living room is the perfect way to do so. A bright sofa, pillows or light fixture work can bring some excitement and energize the room.

3. Create a Focal Point

Typically, focal points often face the main entrance for our living room. Complementary patterns and materials can help create a visually interesting living room that draws the eyes to the stylish sitting area.

4. Go Green

There’s nothing like fresh greenery for creating a calm and zenful environment. Bringing the outside in is the key element to create a fresh atmosphere which also adds texture and life to a room. A green view or patio helps with this, but if you don’t have either, a mixture of small and large plants can add a serene ambiance into the room.

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5. Inviting Lighting

Light is an essential element in creating living room ambiance. Always keep the windows as uncovered as possible to let natural light in. Small or large mirrors can also add light and dimension to the living room.

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