5 Master bedroom designs you have always dreamed of

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5 Master bedroom designs you have always dreamed of

The bedroom is a private sanctuary where many of us relax, unwind, and recharge after the day is through. Have a look at our collection of refreshing master bedrooms from our show homes, there is something for everyone, from furniture choices to soothing colour options as well as tasteful accessories. You might just be inspired by these beautiful bedrooms.

Make it Pop

Cornflower master bedroom

Begin and end your day in a cheerful room. In the single storey link home, Cornflower, a hue blue wallpaper alongside a boxy bright yellow bedside cupboard is used to add a bright and colourful look to the space. Highlight the space with abstract paintings to add a bit of culture and sophistication to the bedroom.

Create a sense of place

Uplift your design scheme with an eye-catching feature wall like this one in Oak. We love how this master bedroom is different from the traditional elements designed into the other rooms. Choosing a vibrant hue and white curtains can act as the perfect balance to neutral-coloured walls. This mountain landscape feature wall sets the master bedroom for a dramatic effect.

Go Glam

Bedrooms may be a place to rest, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Masterbed room Oak2In the master bedroom of Oak2, incorporating bold gold accents and glowy golden lights, gives the bedroom the golden touch. Adding a bedding with green and grey hues helps boost the visual appeal in the room too.

Luxe Touches

In this spacious and luxurious semi-detached home Ixora2, every detail has been thought about from the curved and soft edged elements on the wardrobe to the curved TV panel, which also acts as a privacy divider in the room. With a richly upholstered headboard and closets all run on as one beautifully coordinated piece, this room feels like a true retreat. The extra-large windows and balcony in this bedroom is ideal in welcoming plenty of natural light while providing you with a view.

Make It Cozy

In this peaceful master bedroom in the brand new Sunflower show home, adding a soft and comforting shades of pink brings an earthy vibe to the room. Also, adding a sitting area is a nice touch which will make your bedroom feel more inviting, this may just turn out to be the perfect place for you to rest and unwind. To see more designs like these check out our collection of virtual tour show homes here. Call or WhatsApp 012 500 8018 our friendly sales team if you have any questions, we’re here for you.